Individual        Therapy

Silverton Therapy

When you meet with me for individual therapy, I offer an initial 90 minute session, followed by 55 minute sessions for each appointment.

My theoretical and clinical approach is rooted in a great variety of backgrounds, with the common theme being the adoption of a holistic view of personal well being, which consists of training and experience with practicing both acceptance and change based strategies, calling on what is needed for the moment. I have been extensively trained in DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) and worked to help create one of the country’s first inpatient treatment programs to be nationally certified through Marsha Linehan’s Behavioral DBT-Linehan Board of certification. Beyond my use of DBT therapy, depending on what is needed, my general practice and approach involves a combination of techniques and formulations drawn from CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Existential, Gestalt, Narrative, Systems, and Mindfulness Based Orientations.

I strive to approach my work with people with an open, nonjudgmental and compassionate manner. I work to create a supportive and open space in which to honestly and critically look at what needs to be in order to move forward with your difficulties. I take the view that you are your own expert about yourself, and that my job is to help be a sounding board to direct, guide, and teach skills, as necessary to overcome challenges and obstacles to meet your goals. I believe that my light-hearted demeanor and mindfulness informed practices creates a non-judgmental and compassionate environment to safely and clearly find the answers clients seek to the problems they wish to solve. I help individuals to challenge their assumptions when they interfere with their stated goals, help to teach effective skills to address areas of skills deficits, vulnerabilities, and areas for further growth. I believe in the power of acceptance, and like to use humor in my work, and believe that when combined with effective change based strategies, we can find peace, knowledge, and our core self in order to manage our challenges. Finding our ways forward generally requires us to find an often constantly shifting balance between acceptance and change. Having had extensive training and experience working within the DBT treatment model has helped to shape a  skillful balance between utilizing effective strategies from both ends of the spectrum to meet each individual's needs. I believe in a holistic view of health and in de-stigmatizing mental illness and seeking treatment. It is a privilege to be a part of someone’s journey and path forward to their own complete self. Depending on what you are seeking from treatment, I am confident that together we can help you to find the healing, self growth, or tools needed to move forward. Whether that is addressing short term concrete matters, addressing deeper wounds, or anything in between, I honor the time we will share together on your path of discovery, and having the chance to meet and get to know you.